MEET The undeniably talented Joshua Williams also known as “Showtime”. A gifted singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, and producer. Born into a musical family, Joshua discovered his love of music at an early age. Always ready to perform and be in the spotlight, Joshua is known for his charismatic personality and high energy, which led to him receiving the nickname “Showtime”.Volcalstar: Who is Joshua “Showtime” Williams?

Showtime: I am Joshua Williams, affectionately known as Showtime, a 29 year old R&B artist currently living in Tallahassee, FL and an absolute goofball. I love singing, dancing, and creating music. I grew up as a military brat so I’ve lived all over but I call the St. Louis, MO /Southern Illinois area home. I’ve been singing since I was 4 years old, but I started professionally in 2013. Music has always been a major part of my life, as everybody in my family sings and plays at least one instrument. As with so many others, I started singing in the church (my dad is a pastor, so I had no choice).

Vocalstar: What inspires you musically?

Showtime: Everything!!! Often times when I write music, I pull not only from personal experiences, but it could have been something that I saw happening in someone else’s life, and instance at a park or a party. Inspiration is all around me. It’s just a matter of sitting still long enough to observe and listen sometimes. I’ve been inspired simply walking across the street and I might hear a sound off in the background and I’ll begin to build on top of that.

Vocalstar: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Showtime: Stevie Wonder is the GOAT and is one of my biggest musical influences along with Jamie Foxx, Tank, Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight. I study these artists quite a bit, just seeing what I incorporate into my personal style from writing, to phrasing when singing, and even performing. From watching them I’ve learned the importance of people of being able to feel what you’re singing as well as the importance of lyrical content and relevance. My goal is to always remain relevant with my music in some form or fashion.

Vocalstar: What is your favorite song you have written and why?

Showtime: My favorite song I’ve written to date is titled “What if”. It is a track that was released as apart of my freshman EP “More Than Just Words” in September of 2016. This song is my favorite because it is one of my transparent pieces I’ve written. However, I do have a new song coming soon “Questions” which might be my new favorite. So stay tuned! Shameless plug: “More Than Just Words” is available for purchase on all music platforms from iTunes to Google Play.

Vocalstar: Where can we expect to see you in 5 years?

Showtime: In 5 years, look for me on a World Tour, definitely coming to party in a city/country/continent near you, sharing love, music, and the gift that God has blessed me with. Also look for me on that Grammy stage, performing and winning!!

Vocalstar: What are your dreams and aspirations?

Showtime: In addition to my love for music I also have a passion for mathematics and education. I received my Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics from Florida State University and then went on to receive my Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from Morgan State University. Prior to becoming a full time musician I was working at Florida State University with our Trio Programs. Trio Programs work with 1st generations high-school/college students from disadvantaged backgrounds and we try to properly prepare them to successfully matriculate through college and be successful individuals post graduation. One day I hope to start my own educational foundation or non profit to continue these efforts in local communities.

You can follow and support Showtime on:

Instagram and Twitter @jswmusiq

Facebook: Joshua “Showtime” Williams


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