Q & As with ROB HAYES

Who is Rob Hayes?

I am a US Marine Veteran and Industry professional making a name for myself through my ability to rap and produce. I am a father of two and I also specialize in creative direction, marketing  and graphic design. I just released a 14 track mixtape called The Divine All-Conquering on Rbhysmusic.com

Where are you from?

I’m from Los Angeles by way of Lansing, Michigan

Do you think your upbringing has contributed to your style as an artist?

I grew up in a musical home. My father was a House DJ and my mother was on the praise and worship team at our church. Both could have been great A&R’s if they were in the business because they listened to everyone and I mean everyone from Queen to Tupac.

Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

First I would say overcoming PTSD from my Deployment to Iraq. Second Balancing family and music, I work on music full time so I’m always having to switch from artist mode to daddy mode and my kids are very demanding, so it’s a bit of a challenge but I am showing them an example of how to go hard for your dreams so they understand.

How have you developed your career?

I moved to LA and started attending the Los Angeles Film School/interning for a producer involved with Macy Gray’s Sellout Album In 2009. Then I ended up on America’s Got Talent In 2012. I worked for Live Nation and Roc Nation/ TSZ Group in management and touring. I spend a lot of time around artists producers engineers and executives who are Veterans, I think learning and being a sponge soaking up game is the best way to develop, also relentlessly working on my craft day in and day out even when I had Very little motivation.

What was it like working with Jay-Z?

It was an amazing opportunity to work with Hov’s team and inner circle on his Legends of The Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake and in management with their partners at Three Six Zero Group. I got to work with EDM Titans Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, GTA as well as R3hab. I got to talk to Jay once at a dinner and It took everything for me not to fanboy out. When he dapped me up it was like he passed me some power! Thank you Roc Nation for opening up your doors.

How do you navigate the music industry?

It’s difficult to find people to trust in the industry but you have to have a team of like-minded individuals who are after the same goals. I say positive and I seek out really dope connections. I go out to showcases, industry panels, conferences and workshops. I stay in and around studios where the radio hits are created so that I can network with those securing the bag.

What’s a typical day like for you artistically? What inspires you musically?

I wake up and I have to give God his first so I meditate and then I fire up the Logic Pro and get right to the beats. Usually I try to get a few production ideas out before I track vocals. When I know I have the one I record it, mix it, master it and send it out to my team for more ideas. I’m inspired by whatever idea comes to me if it’s a great idea I run with it.

When do your ideas come to you?

All day all night I have ideas running through my mind. There’s never a set time I just hear a melody or a drum cadence in my head and I’m scrambling to put it down one something either my phone or my laptop.

What is your favorite song you have written and why?

LA Nites on my Sound Off EP is a fun adventure around the Sunset Strip partying and living that ultra luxurious sexy nite life. LA becomes a different city at night and I love the vibe, so I did my best to capture it.

What’s your favorite piece of music and why?

Jay Z – The Blueprint and Tupac – R U Still Down are huge staples in my music collection. These are songs that were the soundtracks to pivotal moments in my life.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Too many to name we’d be here all day! But short list: Jay Z, Kendrick, Nipsey, Rick Ross, Diddy, Pharrell, 1500 or Nothin, Drake, Will-I-Am and Eminem.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Nipsey Hussle over a sick Dr Dre beat. I think we can do something crazy like Two of America’s Most Wanted.

Where can we expect to see you in 5 years?

5 years from now I’ll be selling out Arenas Globally my tour will be one of Hip Hops highest grossing. I’ll be on the Forbes list, I’ll have won a few Grammys and put a lot of plaques on the wall.

What’s your idea of success as an artist? When will you feel like you’ve made it?

I’ll know I’m successful when my bank balance says so #Cashflow I’ll know I made it when I can invest like I want to, vacation on my own time and make it so my kids can write their own futures without limits.

You can hear Rob Hayes new mixtape, The Divine All Conquering At Rbhysmusic.com

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