Tristan Cole, (previously known as Ricky Jarman) is more than just that nice boy next door with bad boy charm.

With his playfulness, sensual falsetto, crisp dance moves, athletic physique, and his mass appeal to a wide audience, Tristan Cole draws tons of “oohs” and “ahs” wherever he goes.

As a youth, he grabbed the attention of both Lou Pearlman, CEO of Transcontinental Records, (responsible for signing N’sync, Backstreet boys, and Britney Spears) and Christian ”Dio” Diodatti, CEO of Caliber Records. (Dio has done remixes for Michael Jackson and Mary J. Blige among others). Through business relationships these music moguls he was able to meet and work with such people as Andrea Martin (songwriter/voice coach. Credits include Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey), and Glenn Douglas Packard (choreographer for Britney Spear and etc). In 2016 Tristan was featured on the hit single “Fun” for Jam Artis (Bruno Mars’ bass player) solo album which was given major praise by Bass Magazine, Bruno Mars, and Randy Jackson. Following that, he also was featured on Jacob Colon’s hot summer house track “Sweat”, which made it to the top 100 House charts for two consecutive weeks and was released by Nervous Records. After four successful singles under the name Ricky Jarman and some recent rebranding, this young artist now officially and artistically goes by the name of Tristan Cole. New music coming soon.

This talented young man has been featured in numerous publications, venues, and websites including MTV-U, The Canadian Music Festival, Vevo, Top 40 Radio, New York Fashion Week, The Hype Magazine, DNA Magazine, the cover of Super Models SA magazine, Kokane Music Blog,, Black Dragon Live, Jamsphere, and The Carolina Music Festival to name a few. In addition, he’s won ‘Best Male R&B Artist’ for the Carolina Music Awards, partnered with the Sound Affects charity foundation, and opened for Grammy nominee, J. Cole.

Whatever is required, Tristan creates it & makes things happen, giving proof to the dream that living what you love can become a reality.

Q&A: Tristan Cole

VS: Where are you from?

TC: I’m a bit of a transplant ha ha. I’ve moved a number of times throughout the years. However, the place that I call home is North Carolina. That’s where I spent a majority of my adolescence.

VS: When did you first become interested in music? How did your passion lead you to where you are today?

TC: My first interest in music came when I was a toddler. I was performing in a Sunday School production at my church. It was a children’s program that was to be performed in front of the entire congregation. While I am unable to completely recollect that particular account, both my parents recall that I proudly burst out in song at the top of my lungs with a gleaming smile. That was technically my first encounter with music.  However, The memory which helped pave the way to my current musical path was when I was in the fourth grade. I had the opportunity to perform in front of a decent size crowd at my sister’s dance recital. This is where my childhood best friend and I performed “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys. It was such an adrenaline rush and a great first on stage experience for me. I loved every minute of it! It also helped that we seemed very well received by the audience too.

VC: What inspires you?

TC: That’s such a loaded question. Where do I even begin?! Life is such a beautiful thing. You literally can find inspiration from ever facet of life! And that’s what I try to do! People inspire me! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an under dog achieve success and come out on top. It’s not the failures that define us, but what we choose do with those experiences after everything is said and done.

VS: Could you describe your songwriting process?

TC: I love collaborating with other artists. I think that there is a lot of power in collaborations. Any time that I write my songs now, whether it’s with a producer, musician, or another songwriter; I’m always with someone else. I like to feed off of other people’s energy. Shared positive energy can make a huge difference when it comes to making music. Whenever I work with others, usually, the first thing that we do is brainstorm what direction we want to go with for a particular song. The topics could be anything from feelings of the day, catchy melodic ideas, or life experiences that has either been observed or personally experienced. Next, we would start working on the beat. Once we have a basic instrumental outline, we start fine-tuning each part of the song. It is like building a house – brick by brick.

VS: What were some of the challenges that you faced when first breaking out into the industry? How did you overcome them?

TC: Challenges in both life and the music industry come in all shapes and sizes. We experience challenges on a daily basis whether they are minor or major. When presented with any obstacles I’ve always had to either choose to let it make me stronger and move on, OR just let it destroy me and give up. I can’t stress this enough – It’s ALWAYS important to keep going and NEVER let anyone dictate your potential OR your outcome! We have control over our own lives and just because something did not work for someone else, does not mean that it’s not going to work for you. If you want your dreams badly enough, than you must put in the work! I promise you this: success can and will come to fruition if you stay humble, focused, and consistently work hard at your craft.

VS: What advice would you give other aspiring singer-songwriters who want to pursue a career in music?

TC: You have to do your homework. It’s really easy to be taken advantage of in this industry if you’re not careful. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with this. It’s something that happens to a lot of folks sadly because of the lack of knowledge. Another thing is people need to be consistent and persistent as well. Consistency is what breaks the mold, and there is no such thing as an overnight success. Even if people appear to have overnight success, in reality, it took years and years of trial and error/learning & growing to become the star they are today. To give it all you got it takes blood, sweat, and tears. I’m certainly not yet where I want to be, BUT i know that by doing your homework, being persistent, and consistent you can eventually find lasting success. It’s all a matter of how bad do you want it.

VS: What’s your idea of success as an artist? 

TC: If I’ve been able to help change the life of even one person for the better through my music, then Ive been successful. Yes I want to win at least one Grammy, do a world tour, and become a household name, but my biggest objective with my story is to uplift and inspire others to become better. I want people to live their best lives. There is no more impactful way to speak to others than through music!

VS: What’s next for you?

TC: Well after going through some rebranding and changing my stage name, I started the new year out strong with a fun, uptempo collaborative project that I did with producer, Jacob Colon called “Gonna Get It”, which was released by Nervous Records. Now I’m prepping for a new independent single release called “Do or Die” that I collaborated with producer, Sean Hubrich on. This is an emotional song that has a lot of meaning behind it. I feel it touches on a lot of inward feelings we all have either felt or are currently feeling in life right now. The music video for it will touch on a number of world issues going on right now as well that I personally feel need to be addressed. I’m excited to be able to share our hard work with you once it’s ready! Stay tuned!



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