I was around 11 years old when I got my first real taste of Hip Hop. Music has always held a special place in my life, and at age 11, I met Hip Hop and fell in love. Fast forward to a year ago when I was introduced to music trivia at a local restaurant. There was the occasional Hip Hop question where I could lend my expertise, but hardly enough for me to feel like a contributing member of the team. That’s when I first considered hip hop trivia which led to the creation of the hip hop trivia card game I am sharing with you now — Pull Your Card Music Trivia: Hip Hop Edition — the first of what we hope to be a series of trivia card games that I, myself, would play (e.g. hip hop decades expansion packs and spinoff decks).

Q&A: Harold V. Lee

VS: Where are you from? 

HVL: I was born in Hartford and raised in Bloomfield, CT.

VS: How did you come up with the game?

HVL: In short, I was looking to buy one, but couldn’t find a Hip Hop trivia card game. When I couldn’t find it, I decided to make it. After everything was created, I released it on Kickstarter, where it was successfully crowdfunded. The investment from the backers went toward deck production and now they’re available at

VS: Do you have any fun Hip Hop memories? 

HVL: Other than being at the record store every Tuesday for new releases, when I was in high school I used to record underground songs off of late night college radio stations to make my own mixtapes. When I got to college I had the pleasure of hosting my own show called Hip Hop Heaven.

VS: What was your major at college?

HVL: I attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where I graduated with a Computer Science degree.

VS: What is your favorite physical media format?

HVL: It’s too bad it never stuck, but I still have an extensive MiniDisc collection.

VS: Do you make vending appearances?

HVL: Absolutely. I do parties and vending events. This June Pull Your Card has the honor and pleasure of being the sponsor at Durham, NC’s first Hip Hop festival (@nchhfestival).

So, you think you know Hip Hop music, old and new? Prove it by challenging your friends to this fun new trivia game!

What is Pull Your Card?

Pull Your Card is a multiplayer trivia card game with two multiple-choice questions per card. Each deck includes Game Changer cards to be used strategically throughout the game. Questions range widely from the start of hip-hop time to the present.

Normal Game Rules:

  1. Each player is dealt 5 cards.
  2. The dealer plays first, chooses a question to ask the player on their left and reads all options. Play continues in this direction. *If using a Game Changer card, see reverse side.
  3. If the player answers the question correctly, they must pull that question card (1 point) from the reader’s hand and place it face down.
  4. If the player answers the question incorrectly, the reader must blindly pull a card (1 point) from that player’s hand and place it face down. *If both questions on a card are incorrectly answered, the reader must add it to a discard pile and pick a new card from the top of the deck.
  5. The first player to pull 5 points OR the player with the most points after all cards have been pulled WINS. A player is out of the game when all of their cards are pulled.

What is a Game Changer card?

A Game Changer card is a specialty card that can alter the flow of the game.

There are 3 types:

  • Backspin: Reverse direction of game play
  • Cutsies:  Skip a player
  • Pick Any Player: Choose any player to answer

Are there alternative ways to play?


  • Brainiac Rules follow normal rules, except multiple choice options are not provided to the person answering.
  • Speed Rules follow normal rules and adds a timer. Set cell phone timer to 10 seconds and start the clock when the last word of the question is read.
  • Adult (21+) Rules follow normal rules, except the loser(s) of each game is required to take a shot of alcohol.
  • Disaster Jr. Rules combines normal and Brainiac rules.
  • Disaster Rules combine normal, Speed Rules and Adult Rules.
  • Disaster Sr. Rules combine normal, Brainiac, Speed, and Adult Rules

What’s included in the deck?

  • 90 multiple choice question cards (180 questions)
  • 5 Cutsie cards
  • 5 Backspin cards
  • 6 Pick Any Player cards

The Creator

“I’d also like to point out that this game wouldn’t exist without my wife, who helped with research, came up with questions, and edited and to my artist who saw the vision and created the logo.” Harold V. Lee – Game Creator

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Dedicated to card game trivia. Hip-Hop is just the beginning.

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