Taya Marquis is a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur with a fierce, ambitious fire. Taya keeps it real in her music, with a fusion of pop, R&B, hip-hip and world sounds topped by silky, rich vocals.

April 2019 marks a new chapter for Taya Marquis: her Factor-funded EP, i’mperfect, uncovers the process of finding oneself, and is both an honest reflection on where the artist is currently at in her life, as well as an embrace of our interconnectedness as humans. The first single off i’mperfect, “Be Who U Are” received 170K plays on Spotify. She uses her music as an avenue for mental health advocacy, and enforces messages of self-discovery and #positiviTAY in her songwriting.

“When the whole world is screaming at you to be a certain way, it can be nearly impossible to stay true to that soft little voice telling you to follow your truth.

Well, it’s time I listen to that voice, and give it a microphone.”

Who is Taya Marquis? 

Taya Marquis; ‘Taya’ has a deeper meaning to it, and it stands for To Advance Yourself Always. That’s my constant message to all my fans and followers: don’t give up and keep your feet constantly moving. Sometimes you will go back in steps, sometimes you will be on the same step, but if you keep moving, you’re bound to find ground on the next step. The goal is to advance yourself always, one step at a time.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is that being an artist is just about being yourself, so find out who you are and not who you should be based on other people’s opinions or on industry standards. And I’ve learned that who you are can change and evolve, one day you can like purple, the next day you can like blue, but that’s still you. Be unapologetically yourself and everyone else will adapt to you. If you consistently show up as yourself, without any malice in your heart, you can do no wrong. You will be bound for success because no one is like you – the people who are about you will be there, show up, and that’s ultimately your “following” – it’s just other people who are similar to you. And once you create a following from people who genuinely like what you’re about, you will never have to be anyone else, because they want YOU exactly as you are. 

So what would you consider your biggest accomplishment to date? 

I’ve experienced so many exciting twists and turns, but in my career, my biggest accomplishment was co-writing “A La Discotheque” with Ke$ha. And that was in my early career too – it set the bar pretty high!

Which artists or producers are you the most inspired to work with?

I would die to work with Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Quincy Jones.

Taya Marquis photo by Keaton Haraga

What do you want to be known for?

On a career level, I want to be known for my entrepreneurship and my music, but on a personal level, I want to be known for facing my fears, and for my positivity, or as I like to call it, #positiviTAY.  I also want to be known for my strength. But more than being known for something, I want to inspire others to find that strength in themselves. I’ve been thrown into the darkest corners of life, and my faith and strength has always helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel.

T 人 Y 人 ☀ M 人 R Q U I S
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Taya Marquis photo by Hoeshell, design by Lanis Catan

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