Hari is a multi-talented artist based in London. She is a fine-tuned songwriter who is forever working hard to further improve her craft. Hari also plays various instruments which enables her to translate emotion directly into music and song. Having released her debut single in July, she is a newcomer to the music scene with a lot to offer.

What inspires you musically?

The list is endless! I find inspiration in most things… nature, music, cinema, conversation and emotion. It goes without saying that there is a very strong link between emotion and music and this is what I love to explore the most. The complexity of the human mind is amazing yet terrifying all at once! Through song, we are able to express our deepest, rawest emotions without the fear of being judged. Through song, you might have the guts to say something to someone you wouldn’t normally dream of. Music is therapy – sometimes you don’t even know you’re feeling a certain way until you listen to the right song!

Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

Everybody has an opinion on what kind of artist you should be, how you should look and what kind of music you can make. This is difficult, especially as a developing artist. It’s not easy to determine who’s advice is helpful and who’s isn’t. In this industry, you meet so many people and all of these people seem to think they know what is best. You have to stay true to yourself, be confident in the artist that you are, but still be willing to accept change in order to grow. It’s a struggle to know where to draw the line at times.

When do your ideas come to you?

Anywhere and everywhere! I get songwriting ideas in the shower, in traffic, at work, out at dinner and even in my sleep! It’s so frustrating when you wake up and you were dreaming a wonderful song and you desperately try to store it all before it slips away. This is why I always keep paper and pen on my bedside table. 

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My father is a jazz musician so I was very blessed to grow up in a house that knew what good music was. As far as genres go, my influences vary from Motown, to 80’s rock ballads, to 90’s R&B and much more. The first time I ever purchased music, I was 9 years old. I bought ‘The Diary of Alicia Keys’ with my pocket money and listened to it non-stop on my CD Walkman. There are a lot of modern day artists who’s songwriting skills blow me away, such as Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande, Lewis Capaldi, JP Cooper and many more. 


London, UK
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