Veondra Roxx is a soulful sultry powerhouse singer born and raised in Los Angeles California. She started singing at her local church at the age of 4 years old. Finding her inspiration from her grandmother Betty Perkins who was a professional Gospel singer and her mother Cathy Perkins that taught her how to sing. As an adolescent, her mother took her and her brother to church where they joined the choir and learned the fundamentals of singing. And as her gift cultivated people saw something special in her that caught the attention of those around her and they knew that she would be something great. Veondra Roxx was raised in a family of musical talents, so it is only natural that she is pursuing her passion for music.

Veondra Roxx went on to graduate from Grambling State University where she continued to sing in the Grambling State University Choral and participated and won in showcases on campus. In turn this young lady has fueled her fire to pursue singing and songwriting as a fulltime career. Recently starring in the hit stage play The House of Reds, opening her up to a new audience and new supporters. Veondra Roxx goal is to inspire, encourage and uplift through her lyrics and to warm hearts with her voice. Simply put, if Veondra Roxx feels it, she writes and sings it.

Who is ‘Veondra Roxx’?

She is fearless, and she can accomplish any goal or dream she puts her mind to. Shining bright, knowing her strengths and standing tall no matter the test. Anything that comes her way she know how to see the good in it, and do what is necessary to ROXX. As I always say I ROXX You ROXX and We ROXX together ROXX Nation Stand Up!

If you could pick any artist, which career would you follow as a blueprint to your success?

There are so many wonderful artist who have put in the work and if I had to narrow it down to one person I would have to say Nipsey Hussle. Not because he was just trending but I love how he remained independent and promoted himself. Selling records for $100 is pure genius to me. Some may say who would buy a record for that much but who would not. Considering all the money an independent artist has to front for just one song let alone 10 or 100, it takes so much sacrifice.

When I see people give away there music for free I understand, who doesn’t want to be heard. My question is at what cost? Not only did he put a twist on how he distributed and sold his music but also by helping his community providing opportunity where there is none. Not many celebrities do that at all. Some may donate to a charity but to literally place business in the same community where they grew up and help the people, now that is something that I dream of doing one day as well. The music touches the soul of a man and actions touches their heart in turn changing there minds to want better for themselves.

Veondra Roxx
Artist . Singer . Songwriter
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