Linda Diaz

Linda Diaz is a singer/songwriter born and raised in the Lower is Side of Manhattan. The gentle yet soulful artist has been making waves in NYC’s independent scene with lush vocal arrangements and powerful lyricism to accompany her jazzy r&b sound. In February of 2019, Linda self released her debut EP “V” honoring her late grandfather. Her latest release, “Magic” is the final single off of her upcoming EP (out Dec. 13) of the same name, produced by ThankYouFatMatt.

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Q & A’s with Linda Diaz

What inspires you musically? 

Rhythms or sounds that I have never heard before, intense emotions, and writing or performing with other musicians. My best ideas come to me when I am emotionally moved and as an empath and an extrovert a lot of that comes in the presence of other people.

Looking back, are there moments that clearly stand out as being defining moments in your life?

Not necessarily a defining moment, but I’ve been realizing recently that the most valuable thing in my life has been the unconditional love of my mother. A lot of people are surprised by my successes or my happiness because of the adversity that I’ve faced – being a woman of color, growing up poor and in a single parent household. But I never felt that I was lacking for anything because I have always known that I am loved. As I begin to define my own path, the unconditional love of my mother is something that grounds me. I certainly don’t take it for granted, particularly because this is not the case for so many creatives. 

Are you working on any new music right now? 

Yes, always! My EP “Magic” comes out on all streaming platforms on December 13 (12/13). The entire project is produced by ThankYouFatMatt and features my four latest singles as well as two new tracks. This project has marked my emotional maturity in a lot of ways and I am really proud of it. Keep an ear out for the EP and check out my latest release “Magic” while you wait!

Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why? 

I would love to work with Stormzy, Cleo Sol, John Legend, Julia Michaels, Joe Hertz, Monte Booker, Smino, Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell and so many others. To pick a few from this list, Doja Cat, Monte Booker, Smino and Pharrell just have so much fun with their production and vocal arrangements. I love that when I listen to their music it feels like they are reinventing sound. Julia Michaels is just such a feeler and emoter – the songs that she writes for herself and others are just sHEESHHH and as a big feeler myself, I think we would write some beautiful songs. Plus, her voice! Joe Hertz is a producer that I came across on Spotify and I love his sound. It’s always a good vibe and I often find myself riffing over his music. He’s got so many great collaborations and I feel like he’d be great to work with.

What’s your idea of success as an artist?

On a personal level, constantly growing and making music that I wish existed in the world is my idea of success. With every song I write I have the opportunity to create a universe and invite listeners into it. I feel most successful when people tell me that they have been moved or challenged by my art! On a macro level, influence is my idea of success as an artist. I’ve always been a musician, but when I decided to make it my career, I had to think long and hard about why. Writing and performing music is what makes me happy. A lot of people have told me that that is a good enough reason, and I agree! But I also want to better the world and help people and make change. I think if you can find something that both makes you happy and helps others you’ve done it right. Being a musician is cool because you have a unique platform in that you can say things with your music and with the platform that you have as a performer. I hope to tour the world, join on the board of artistic institutions and bring resources to my community and other people that don’t have them.

Linda Diaz

Brooklyn, NY


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