Who is Jordan Bailey?

First and foremost, I am god-fearing. I am a A&R, songwriter, and an emerging leader in my industry. I love music and I love people. At the core of what I do, I aim to bring both together for the purpose of development and inspiration.

How do you discover new artists?

My company Golden Community and our partner companies, CAD Management and The Code,  operate two concert platforms that are focused on the discovery of independent artists. The first is the Nice to Finally Meet You Tour, which we have produced in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York City to this point. Through submissions and research into each market, we have provided the platform for over 20 independent artists to perform on this tour. The second is our AfterGlow Series in partnership with Equity Residential that we have co-produced in New Jersey and New York City. To this point we have organized 10 shows that give independent artists the opportunity to perform in front of Equity Residential residents within their apartments. These two platforms have been huge for artist discovery because of the high intake of artist submissions we receive mixed with our ability to provide shows for them to gain new fans.

How do you feel streaming services have affected the way you do business?

Absolutely. Music streaming from 2016 to the present has revolutionized the industry in a sense. Outside of the financial gain from streaming, I think it is crucial that platforms are providing data to artists about their fans not only in the U.S., but around the world in various countries. Being able to educate independent artists on new ways to increase their presence and streams on the DPS’s has been a constant for me.

What is your favorite song? 

Viva la Vida by Coldplay. It is really a brilliant song, and one of the most lyrical songs I’ve heard. The first time I heard it was when I watched the 2009 Grammy Awards. I was blown away by Chris Martin’s energy and stage presence. From that day, it has been my favorite song of all time.

Where can we expect to see you in 5 years? What are your dreams / aspirations? 

One of my current goals is to be able to route tours on a national and global spectrum. Next to that, in 5 years I am hopeful that you will recognize me as one of the more impactful music executives in pop culture. I’ve always wanted to influence music and entertainment at the highest level possible; specifically, as a songwriter, as an A&R, and as a businessman. What’s most important to me is that I am known and remembered for helping people (artists included).

Jordan R. Bailey
Chief Executive Officer
Golden Community, LLC
m: (202) 802-7622
e: CollaboratewithJB@gmail.com

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