Born in Westchester, NY, singer-songwriter/guitarist Jonny Parks is an artist of mixed genres. Having shown an interest in music at the early age of 8 by owning a keyboard and a harmonica, Jonny Parks has become a multi-instrumentalist who works on mastering his craft and broadening his musical horizons. Starting classical guitar at 16 and singing by 19, Parks incorporates sounds of Soul, Jazz, R&B and Blues into his repertoire of sound. With the release of three EPs (Room 327, DrugFall, Sidekick Stories) one album (The Portia LP), and his second LP being released over the span of 2018/2019, Jonny Parks is steadily gaining popularity throughout NYC with performances in venues such as: Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Desmond’s Tavern, Pianos, Amateur Night at the Apollo and more. Parks is a Literature graduate from SUNY Purchase who uses storytelling lyrics and unique narrative on his original songs as well as interpreted covers about love, addiction, and music.

Who is Jonny Parks?

I am an artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, composer, booking manager, and my own record label. I’m an artist who evolves with every song that I create.

Where are you from?

I’m from New York. I was born and raised in Westchester County.

Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome as an artist is not being taken seriously due to my personality. I’m a reserved person but when it comes to my music and hustling to be heard, I’m aggressive. People have definitely seen how aggressive I’ve become when it comes down to my music.

When do your ideas come to you?

My ideas come to me at random times. A lot of the time they come to me when I’m in my first stage of sleep or when I’m dozing off. I have to force myself to get up, record the idea with my phone, then go back to sleep! Other times I’ll literally wake up with a song in my head that I dreamed about.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My biggest influences range from different genres. They are: Kanye West, Usher, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, D’Angelo, Prince, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, Tupac, and so many more.

Where can we expect to see you in 5 years?

Goals aren’t reached until you’re specific as possible. In that case, in 5 years I’ll be in California working with Tyler, The Creator on his upcoming album soon to be released. On that same day but in the afternoon, I’ll be meeting with Pharrell, Kanye West, and A$AP Mob to work on an upcoming project of my own. The next day I’ll have a performance in San Diego, then I will fly out to Arizona that same night to visit my family.


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