Izzy Escobar

Izzy Escobar is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Longmeadow, Massachusetts. At a young age, Izzy not only took to writing and singing, but also reading sheet music and studying music theory, eventually learning to play the violin, guitar, and piano.

Izzy has grown to become a strong, capable woman who now attends UCLA and wants to spread her message of hope and strength to those who may face their own struggles. Through her music, she continues to channel her strengths into giving a voice to the voiceless. Her latest single, “No Boys”, has recently made it on the billboard top 50 dance charts.

Q & A’s with Izzy Escobar

Has music always been your first career choice?

Yes! Ever since I picked up a violin at age four I fell in love with music! Music has been my entire world ever since I was born honestly and I continue to study music through the musical theatre program at UCLA. Besides music, I also have a passion for studying law!

What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known as the artist who helped others through her lyrics and music. The reason why I enjoy this world so much is because of the fact that I can use music as a tool to help.

What’s a typical day like for you artistically? 

I usually will draft up to 5-6 songs a day… but it really depends on the day. For me, I find that the most effective way to create a song is by improving over beats. I will improv over beats for hours and then take the best lyrics from every session of improv. I think that the reason why improv works so well for me when writing is because i’m not so in my head and i’m delivering off of a pure in the moment emotion.

Izzy Escobar

Singer/ Songwriter “No Boys

IG @izzy.escobar

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