Every once in a while an artist emerges who has the ability to move fans emotionally by creating an unforgettable musical experience. Artists of this quality come from undeniable talent, and radical vulnerability. This is the heartbeat of David Davis.

For as long as he can recall, David has been fixed on a career in music. Chicago-born and surrounded by eight siblings, he captured attention by belting out Motown classics, performing in church, and always finding his way to a stage. He perfected his piano and performance skills while studying in the nationally renowned Belmont University music program, drawing inspiration from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, and Adele.

David has recorded with legendary producers, from RedOne (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, One Direction) to Aaron Sprinkle (One Republic, Eisley). He has garnered a wide range of awards and reviews, has featured songs on hit TV shows, and has amassed over 500 shows in the last 2 years cross-country. He has played to sold-out clubs and festivals, both as the headliner and as an opening act for the likes of Jon Bellion and John Legend. David’s voice, arrangements, and productions have been featured on chart topping records, commercials for major brands and networks, as well as across hundreds of stages internationally.

David is managed by music veteran Phoenix Stone (Halogen Entertainment) who discovered Backstreet Boys, Este and Danielle Haim and Maty Noyes.

Volcalstar: Who is David Davis?

David Davis: I am a pop/soul artist, with a piano-driven vintage edge.

VS: Where are you from? Do you think your upbringing has contributed to your style as an artist?

DD: I’m from Chicago, IL. My upbringing was in a gospel-style church, so I grew up around awesome musicians. My parents played their favorite Motown hits all around the house, and so I was always inspired by artists from that era.

VS: Are you more of a singer or more of a song-writer?

DD: I consider myself as equal a singer as a songwriter.

VS: What’s a typical day like for you artistically?

DD: A typical day consists of quiet time in the morning (walking the dog, reading, going to the gym), a writing session for other artists or vocal session for tv/film placement, a studio session putting together my album, and then going to see a show (or performing myself!).

VS: What inspires you musically?

DD: I’m inspired by my favorite soul/pop/r&b artists, but I am mainly inspired by my friends and family. I think everyone speaks in songs, so I’m consistently writing down ideas from conversations with friends/family.

VS: When do your ideas come to you?

DD: My ideas come randomly! A lot of times, it’s in the shower, and I have to run out of it dripping wet, and record a voice memo or piano part. I also get ideas while I’m running – the beat of the street itself starts up that creative part in my brain.

VS: What is your favorite song you have written and why?

DD: I don’t have a favorite song I’ve written or a favorite piece of music; every song I’ve done or that inspires me from someone else is specific to a time or place in my life. That’s my favorite part about music – something made for the masses can be so easily personalized to your situation. I love music that captures more than one mood; a Stevie Wonder album is one you can put on for a romantic dinner, or a dance party!

VS: Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

DD: I’ve worked with a lot of pop producers who I’ve admired, but I haven’t had the chance to collaborate with Ryan Tedder, Pharrell, or Mark Ronson. They’re vision for current music is inspired by the greats, with their own personal fingerprint. That’s what I strive for when I write/record/produce: to honor the legends before me by studying them, but also understanding that my voice is uniquely mine.

VS: Where can we expect to see you in 5 years? What are your dreams and aspirations?

DD: In 5 years, you can expect to have a 4-5 of my songs define a moment in your life. I’m living my dream; every day I wake up and make music and get to travel the world seeing people respond to it. And my aspirations are only to grow my capacity to be loving, and to learn. I’ve learned that focusing on the current moment is the best way to reach a fulfilling future. Every day that I’m wake up, spread joy/light/love through being creative, and am able to take care of myself and those I love, is making it, and is success.

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“Pop/Soul and a whole lot of stories.”


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