Tony Macchio

Garage Rodeo is a band, based out of Long Beach, California led by Tony Macchio, a multi instrumentalist who collaborates with other musicians in the underground rock genre. Most of the recordings are done in a bedroom, garage, closet, or in a friends shed 2 hours away to record a bass player in one case.

The theme behind the band name, is geared toward the sound of 4 people playing music music in a garage, with minimal amounts of processing.  He has multiple songs in the mixing / mastering phase that are being released in the near future.

Q & A’s with Tony Macchio

Do you think your upbringing has contributed to your style as an artist?  

Definitely. Growing up, my parents listened to the classic rock staples like: The Doors, Neil Young, David Bowie, and The Beatles. My era was 90’s rock so bands like Nirvana, STP, Kyuss, Tool, and many others had the biggest influence on me.     

What’s a typical day like for you artistically?

Working on songs in bits and pieces, from riffs and melodies I have recorded. If I have a song completely recorded, I go in to the mixing phase which takes the longest for me. On most tracks, the vocals are done last, so a lot of times I don’t like the tempo, or something else, and I have to erase and re-record. Another challenge is trying to record loud sounds around neighbors’ schedules in an apartment.   

What is your biggest release to date?                                 

No Amen. Even though I’ve taken it down to remix it a couple times, that’s definitely been the one I keep on the streaming sites that has gotten the most listeners. 

Are you working on any new music right now?

I have about 5 songs in the mixing phase, one I’m mastering as we speak. The next song is called “Polar Bear Rising” about a polar bear getting fed up with his ice melting, and swims down here for revenge.

What’s your idea of success as an artist?  

People on the other end of the speaker enjoying the music. Anyone who spends all their free time recording, I would assume, wants more people to listen to their songs than just their mom and neighbors. The number isn’t really important, just the listeners.


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