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Born the son of a choir director and also a singer, Marques Anthony was creating music before he was able to form complete sentences. At the tender age of three, Marques began to play the drums at is local church. As he grew older he branched off into the piano and when given the option to choose athletics or music, Marques chose to follow his passion – music.

Marques Anthony (with help from his God Parents Marcus and Jaime King –manager’s of Jamie Foxx) decided to take his future into his own hands by moving to Los Angeles, CA. Marques started off with an Internship with The FoxxHole Sirius Radio Show, played three instruments for the choir by day, and by night played the keyboard in a house band at the legendary Comedy Store  (Los Angeles comedy club). Hollywood inevitably came calling thus leading to a publishing deal with Foxx King Publishing.

Marques would soon co-write/produce the theme song for MTV’s G’s to Gents, became a musician/commentator on The Foxxhole (a Sirius Radio broadcast), he is also vocally produced and wrote for Jamie Foxx’s last album “Intuition”. Marques Anthony has held to his dream “I want to breathe life back into RnB music. Marques began Singing BackGround  for Jamie Foxx which lead to him being about of  “The Blame It Tour”, Singing on TV Shows such as The Grammy’s, BET Awards, IHeart Awards, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Ellen just to name a few. Marques also sang BackGround for Monica on Trey Songz “Passion Pain and Pleasure Tour” and sang BackGround with Kelly Rowland on “The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno” on her hit single Motivation!

With a fresh beginning in his now solo career, Marques released his first mixtape entitled “The Beginning” with the Hit Single “Im on It” ft Jeremih, Throw This Money, Finna Blow and many more. The Anticipation of his New Project has people on the edge of their seats with a very Promising Future Ahead!!! Marques is Now one of the Newest Cast Member of Love & HipHop Hollywood Promoting his Talents as well as his Comedic Characteristics!! The World will see what Marques Anthony has to offer along with what they have been missing….

Q&A With MA

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m from Fresno, Ca (The Country Part of California) We Started wit “209” Now they know us as the “559”!

Q: Do you think your upbringing has contributed to your style?

A: Absolutely. My upbringing is the reason I’ve been able to sing background vocals for Jamie Foxx, Monica, Kelly Roland, and a few other Major Artists on nationwide, multi-city tours!! Growing Up in Church as a Drummer, left me no room for mistakes. The band had to learn new music/songs on the spot, by ear, and play them back within a matter of minutes!! That fast paced, ever changing environment prepared me for the demands that being an Artist brings daily. Without my early experiences I would not be the Artist I am today. I am a consummate professional. I expect nothing but greatness from everyone I work with. This includes pushing myself to exceed previous successes and accomplishments.  

Q: Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

A: The Biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome to date was to reinvent myself as an Artist. Ironically, that decision wasn’t made by choice. I was forced to step away for a period of time, but That break actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During that time I was able to learn what it meant to be an “Effective Artist” on stage, in the studio, as a Leader/Mentor and Future Brand Ambassador.  

Q: How do you navigate the music industry?

A: I started out as a Song Writer/Producer. The first deal I secured was a Publishing Deal. Within this deal I placed The Theme Song for MTV’s Reality Show, ‘From G’s to Gents’. In addition co-wrote with Jamie Foxx. That in turn landed me my first placement on a Major Album. That lead to the chance of a Lifetime. I was invited to sing Background vocals for Foxx, which opened the door for me to sing Background for Monica, and later Kelly Rowland. During that time my vocal abilities were showcased. I caught the eye/attention of Devyne Stephens representing Upfront Music Group in Atlanta, GA. I was then offered my First Deal as a Solo Artist. That platform opened a door for me to stand on my own two feet as the  solo artist you see today. I am forever grateful for those opportunities as they prepared me for this exact moment….

Q: Who are your biggest musical influences?

A: Some of my biggest musical Influences are: Jamie Foxx, Tank, Usher, R Kelly, Genuine, TI, Lil Wayne and Jagged Edge!!! They to me are the perfect blend of Singing, Song Writing and Performing.

Q: What’s your idea of success as an artist? When will you feel like you’ve made it?

A: My idea of success, is to be placed in position to create opportunities for my family, that will insure long term generational wealth and success. For me, the ability to give back to my community will be one of my greatest accomplishments. Music is one of the most Powerful Elements in the World. To have that type of platform is humbling and exciting, but also comes with a great deal of responsibility. Success to me will come, when I’m able to change lives and bless others without expectation of reciprocity. I’ll know that I “Made It”, when I can see the fruits of my labor in tangible/measurable things such as; lives changed, uplifted communities and the emergence of a better world with the help of Marques Anthony.

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