LV’s journey began in Phoenix Arizona on the north side of the dry desert city. She grew up in a small family with and Irish/Scottish mother, Sicilian father and one older sister. From a young age she developed a love for music with a rather mixed influence. Her parents listened to groups like The Beach boys, Lincoln Park and Alanis Morisette, while her Babysitter, whom she spent half her time with, always played music by artists’ such as Destiny’s Child, Tupac, Biggie, Aaliyah and Mariah Carey.

LV knew from day one that being a pop star was what she saw herself doing professionally for the rest of her life. She began taking vocal and piano lessons, and making music videos with her neighborhood friends mimicking songs by the spice girls, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Once LV hit grade school she participated in choir and even majored in music her first year of college at ASU but It didn’t take long for her to realize this was not the platform she needed to become the superstar she knew she was born to be. After only one semester LV decided to quit school altogether and focus entirely on building her brand as a solo pop artist. She started hanging around music studios she had heard about and asking anyone that let her, sing back up vocals to their records.

In 2009 LV met her manager Eddie Lemons who decided to take a chance on helping her build her career and slowly but surely they began making connections within the city and people started to take notice to this unique and powerful voice coming from such a petite young lady.

The name LV is simply her initials and also what her friends had naturally began calling her in high school and it carried on. She drew the attention of the biggest Hip Hop and Rhythmic station in Phoenix, Power 98.3. She was the first unsigned artist ever in Phoenix to have not only one but three singles in rotation on radio. This eventually led to countless big shows opening up for all the major artists coming though Arizona and the surrounding states. She quickly became a household name in Arizona which led her to signing her first recording deal with Quality Control, a record label in Atlanta, GA. After only 10 months LV decided this label was not the right home for her and she moved her talents to Miami Florida where she has really blossomed into the best and most talented fearless version of herself thus far.

LV is currently writing all her own music and even partaking in producing her songs as well. She is recording new music everyday that she knows will speak to all little girls, women and even the fellas worldwide! She plans on letting the world know that she can relate to their ups, downs, struggles, heartbreak and party time! This year she hopes to be internationally recognized for music and touring the world while inspiring and touching many people with the words in her songs. That is what truly gives her the most rewarding feeling.

A word from LV: “I’ll just be grateful if every day one more person hears my songs and knows I love them and I do it for them! The people are now my inspiration!“

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