NOHC (‘knock’) is the phenom EDM group comprised of Suzanne Real – Vocals/Producer, and Kris Von – Producer? Sampler/ Guitar. NOHC was created from the ashes of fallen rock bands and finds the duo using their prior experiences in helping to define their sound and live shows to bridge the world of EDM and rock! NOHC’s sounds are influenced by multiple subgenres within EDM, including dubstep, electro-house, and trance. There are no limits to the seamless, collective blend of Real’s soulful vocals + Kris Von’s dubstep influences that create NOHC’s signature sound = a sweet and powerful musical fuse of all the above-mentioned subgenres altogether. Their hard work has culminated into being featured on the track “This Letter” by Standerwick and featuring Tensteps out March 1st, 2019 on Armada Records!


What is your biggest release to date?

Our latest single, which was a feature with our friend Tensteps and the talented Standerwick.  It is titled “This Letter” and was released March 1st, on Armada Music.  Getting to see Armin Van Buuren debut the single on his A State Of Trance podcast was a huge and exciting moment for us!

Are you working on any new music right now?

We are always writing new music, and we are releasing our newest single, a collaboration with our friend Martron titled, “Be Alone,” on July 26th via Mach 2 Sounds.  Beyond that, we have several very exciting features and collaborations in the works which we are hoping to see releases before the end of 2019!

How have you developed your career?

We have tried to shape it carefully and control as much as we can, while also recognizing that part of the thrill of music is simply putting yourself out there, meeting new contacts and fans and allowing ourselves to grow and adapt.  We prefer playing live, the rush of the stage is irreplaceable, but we also know the importance of social media, Spotify, and creating a network of fellow artists and music oriented individuals.

When will you feel like you’ve made it?

When we no longer split our time between our creative focus and the jobs we work in order to fund our passion.  We love the support we have seen so far and hope that people appreciate the music we make and allow us to expand our impact, play to larger crowds and better hone our writing and live show as our audience grows!

What defines your sound? Makes you unique?

Our sound definitely is wrapped up largely in Suzanne’s immense vocal style and power.  Whether in the studio or on stage, her voice consistently draws in listeners.  Beyond that, our sound is a combination of many influences, we both come from different rock backgrounds and try to marry those aspects to the electronic music we produce.  Our tracks often feature guitar which is also a major component of our live show, which combines live vocals and guitars with a more traditional EDM type show.

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