Russian born, Los Angeles based pop soul artist Cooper Phillip succeeds in capturing the undivided attention of listeners across the globe. With her intense drive, soaring vocals and passionate songwriting, Phillip is elevating herself to the top of her genre with her latest release, ‘Speak In Tongues’.

Born in a small town in Russia to a family of accomplished classical musicians, her early years were shaped being raised by her grandmother and aunt while her mother, a master violin player, toured around the world with various symphonies. This separation led Phillip to take comfort in music where she was enamoured  by the vocal stylings of Ella Fitzgerald. A young Phillip taught herself Fitzgerald’s songs inside and out, noticing every nuance of phrasing and jazz intonations. Phillip eventually enrolled at the prestigious Moscow State Classical Academy where she studied classical piano, music theory, harp, jazz, blues, ballet and voice. The songstress worked diligently to expand her vocal range and control, taking everything that came in her path and feeding off of the challenge.

Recognizing her daughter’s talent and charisma, Phillip’s mother gave up her flourishing career to accompany a young Cooper on tour throughout Russia. Determined to pursue an international career in music, Phillip moved to New York City at the age of 17. With barely a dollar to her name, the singer worked and hustled, performing in weddings and clubs and sleeping in the storeroom of a restaurant where she sang. It wasn’t easy but she would not be deterred. After a few years in the city, Phillip jumped at an opportunity to sing at a important gig in Los Angeles. She never went back.

After a couple of successful releases, the stunning performer released ‘Speak In Tongues’, a single co-written with Emmy Award-winning Max Matluck and Alessandro Calemme. Featuring dreamy and sensual soundscapes, metaphorical lyricism and powerful vocal melodies, the song takes you on an emotional journey, allowing listeners to open up to a new feeling of reality. “Speak In Tongues is about living through the feeling of love and passion and capturing this state of mind – love that has no drama, no tension and no limits”, reveals Phillip. Highlighting soaring, angelic background vocals, the single takes inspiration from Enya. “There is a big influence in this particular arranging style of Celtic pop. I thought it could be really cool to bring that element and combine it with the urban pop sound of today”, confides the artist.

Phillip’s music features an underlying theme of strength, grace and empowerment. “I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more then they think they can”, she admits. Using true life stories, hardships and experiences, the songwriter emits authenticity and courage throughout her music.

Cooper Phillip has seen success with her previous single garnering over 10 million listens online. She has also developed an impressive and loyal fanbase, particularly on social media and has performed at some of Los Angeles most prestigious venues. 


Who is ‘Cooper Phillip’?
I’m crazy fun creative and full of ideas how to make this planet a better place.

Has music always been your first career choice?
I started my music carrier in opera and ballet house in Russia playing small roles in operas where my parents were orchestra musicians.

Do you think your upbringing has contributed to your style as an artist?
Absolutely. Classical music influenced me so much especially my writing style. I believe there’s no better way to grow.

Which artists or producers are you the most inspired to work with?
PK is my great friend and producer who’s working with me and helping developing new unique sounds.

What’s a typical day like for you artistically?
I teach rare breathing method called biophonics. I start my day with lessons and can teach 7 a day. I love helping people especially singers with breathing problems. This incredible science helped me to get rid of asthma and I decided that I wanna spear this amazing knowledge. Also 3-5 times a week I write songs in the studio for myself and other artists.

What inspires you musically?
Classical music.

Are there any notable songs, or artists you’ve written for we know?
Take 6, Jane Monheit.

What is your biggest release to date?
Party By Myself (10+million stems across platforms).

Are you working on any new music right now?
Yes and it’s best music I’ve ever done.

Is there any artists or producers you’d love to work with?
Just anyone who’s vibing with me and can create a new unique sound.

Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?
I moved from Russia to US at the age of 18 with no money or English just my dream and drive and was able establish myself as an artist and make music for a living.

If you could pick any artist, which career would you follow as a blueprint to your success?
Honestly I taught myself not to compare, it’s wrong in my opinion. I would want to have a very original way to the top. Path led with great music and stories.

How have you developed your career?
I’m developing 2 careers. Vocal producer, singing/breathing coach and artist. I’m doing what I love the most and it makes me happy.

How do you navigate the music industry?
I self release and make my own tour and travel the world. Planning to put out more music out. You never know when it’s gonna happen, but the only thing you can do is to be true artist and create.

When do your ideas come to you?

What is your favorite song you have written and why?
I don’t have one favorite song. I love all of them for a different reason and it all depends on a vibe of the day.

What’s your favorite piece of music and why?
Melody. I’m coming from symphonic music background and melodies is my strongest asset as a writer.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
Kim Burrell, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?
My dream is to sing with Beyoncé.

Where can we expect to see you in 5 years?  
Touring and making music.

What’s your idea of success as an artist?
Making music for people and touching their hearts. Making a difference.

When will you feel like you’ve made it?
When I see my songs in Hollywood movies  and top 40 charts.

Cooper Phillip

LA Based
Recording Artist
IG @cooperphillip

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