Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, activist, advocate, and
philanthropist made his truth known when he first decided not to stand for the national anthem.
Protesting social inequality, and the oppression of people of color in the United States and ongoing issues with police brutality.
He has since been the recipient of the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, and ACLU’s Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award, just to name a couple of his many achievements.
Colin Kaepernick has spent the past year and a half working with organizations across the country as part of his $1 million pledge. On January 31, 2018, he announced the last of the donations. The final $100,000 was part of a program in which he announced ten donations of $10,000 to ten different organizations, with matching donations from different celebrities.
“When I started my #MillionDollarPledge and committed to donate $1,000,000 towards various programs – my original intent was to help the organizations on the ground doing much needed work within our communities.  The goal was to help those helping others. To touch those impacting lives in a real way and to make sure that those in need benefited from the dollars donated.  While on the journey, what I realized was the person that benefited the most from this pledge was myself. I’ve learned about and had the privilege to work with so many quality organizations fighting for Social Justice daily. I’ve met so many people that work with so many great non-profits that do amazing work. I’ve been humbled by the appreciation from places like Assata’s Daughters, United We Dream, and Standing Rock to name just a few of where my contributions from my pledge were able to help.”
“The #MillionDollarPledge was never for me, or about me – It has, and always will continue to be for, and about the people. Perhaps what I’ve learned most is that we can all enact change. Not everyone has to donate monetarily. Some organizations need volunteers and time just as much as they need a donation.”
Head over to to learn more about all the programs that have been a part of my #10for10 as well as my #MillionDollarPledge. While there, you can see where all the donations went as well as learn more about all these amazing organizations and how you can help contribute. We have work to do, and the only way to get it done is if we all work together.
10. Usher: $20k to H.O.M.E. in Lithonia, Georgia
9. Meek Mill: $20k to Youth Service, Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8. Nick Cannon and Joey Badass: $40,000 to Communities United by Police Reform in New York, New York
7. Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown: School on Wheels in Los Angeles, California
6. T.I.: $20k to Angel by Nature in Houston, Texas
5. Serena Williams: $20k to Imagine LA in Los Angeles, California
4. Snoop Dogg: $20k to Mothers Against Police Brutality in Dallas, TX
3. Steph Curry: $20k to United Playaz in San Francisco, California
2. Jesse Williams: $20k to Advancement Project in Washington, DC
1. Kevin Durant: $20k to Silicon Valley De-Bug in San José, California


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