Small town kid with a big dream, Don Zio P-a new signed artist with Republic Records talks about how his lifestyle and influence led him to his culture of rap and how his brand ‘Young Tatted Homies’ came together. Being multi-cultural made his style unique and socially diverse to many surroundings.

The nature of Don Zio P’s name hints at the diversity of both his heritage and his music.

“My mother is Jamaican, and my father is Italian.” “My real name is PJ, so my niece always calls me ‘Uncle P’. ‘Don’ comes from the Jamaican side; my grandmother gave me that nickname. ‘Zio’ is Italian for ‘Uncle’. ‘P’ is me. The name is every side of who I am.”

Covered in ink head-to-toe and spouting catchy hooks sandwiched between colorful bars, that moniker is about to be on everyone’s mind this year.

Drivin by wild production and spotlighting his wide-eyed wordplay, Don’s music serves up hashtaggable lyrics that are as club-worthy as they are frat-ready.

“ want you to understand what the vibe is,” he leaves off. “Whatever I do, I don’t care if it’s slow, fast, sad, or happy, I always want you to feel like that Young Tatted Home  am.”

Which artist blueprint has had an impact on your career?

Artist blueprint who had impact on how I move for my career is Machine Gun Kelly, Asap Rocky an, Wiz Khalifa I remember these guys I connected with deeper than music an it’s because of EST, Asap Mob or Vlone, n Taylor Gang they all had a brand that GAVE you there lifestyle raw an supporters feel more connected when they feel apart of what’s going on with ab artist exactly what i’m doing with YTH, Young Tatted Homies is my way reaching out my supporters an keeping them in my loop.

Which artists do you wish to collab with?

I wish to collab with Pusha T an now we gotta song coming out next month called Know How be on the lookout for it.

Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

Biggest obstacle to overcome is the patient waiting game never to rush the process let everything happen when it’s suppose to happen it’s all about timing so that’s something I had to learn because I love working an moving so fast.

How have you developed your career?

I feel I developed a lot of my career of visuals with music videos an lifestyle really living this Rockstar life forget all the new people that just say it cuz they jump off stage or sip lean that aint Rockstar shit I grew up liking bands like Motley Crue an LoverBoy an sex drugs n rockstar is a lifestyle we really live an the people around us know that so that’s y ppl I feel like our energy because they know it’s genuine an real can only fake the funk so long those dudes nvr last.

When will you feel like you’ve made it?

I feel like I made It already in my head the world doesn’t know me yet but I impacted my entire community gave people motivation to pick up the microphone an to follow a dream when the world finds out who i am it’s just icing on the cake.

Don Zio P
#YTH I Do it for them Never been too kool for school
IG @donziop


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