Emerging Australian singer/songwriter Avneesha brings a mix of Electro/RNB and rhythmic melodies inspired from her Punjabi heritage to her first single ‘Control’.

After many years of creating music and making up 1/3rd of Australian girl group Mischief, Avneesha is ready to release her own music as a solo artist. Avneesha has teamed up with producer Divy Pota who has worked with renowned artists such as Faydee, Silentó and WSTRN, to bring ‘Control’ to life.

Avneesha talks about the meaning behind the lyrics stating I wrote this song when I was going through a really difficult time, it’s based upon my journey of battling with anxiety and continuously finding strength to overcome dark times. The lyrics were inspired by the thought of what I would tell my anxiety if it was a person.” Although this song is based upon Avneesha’s personal experiences, she goes on to mention I don’t want this song to be about my story, in fact I want this song to be a helpful reminder to anyone that listens that you can overcome anything, you have the ultimate control. Period.


Instagram handle @avn.eesha

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