My name is Anna Benton and I am a Worship Leader/ Songwriter from Savannah, Georgia. JR Benton is my best friend and the love of my life. We are foster parents and have been blessed to care for two precious little boys over the past year – they were recently reunited with their biological family. We loved them as our own, so I’m sure that you can imagine we have been walking through a difficult transitioning season.

Who is ‘Anna Benton’?

Oh man. I’m a little bit of everything. Growing up in South GA has given me an appreciation for hard work and slowing things down, but I’m also a go-getter. I love to read, and all coffee is good coffee to me. If you ever lose me in a crowd, you’ll probably find me petting a stranger’s dog. #CrazyAnimalLady 

I grew up playing sports, and earned a Softball Scholarship to college where I ended up meeting my husband. I always grew up singing in our little Baptist church, but it wasn’t until I was a sophomore in college that I was in my first band (RISE). I thank God for that band, because it awakened my passion for music and creating. The beauty behind the vulnerability of it all. It’s magic.

What do you want to be known for? 

When I step off a stage, I want the first name that the crowd mentions to be Jesus. I know that my voice is a gift from the Lord, and I plan on using it to make Him famous. I’ll sing for Him, no matter the size of my platform. I pray that God will use my music to bring healing and love to those who are desperately searching for an answer. 

Are you working on any new music right now? 

Yes!! I am so excited to say that I will be releasing my first single, “I Know A Father” on December 15th, followed by a 4-song EP, called “Seasons” on January 25th! 2020 is going to be an exciting year, y’all! Follow me on Spotify!

Is there any artists or producers you’d love to work with?

Oh my goodness. There are so many! I’m in love with We The Kingdom’s worship/authenticity and just their raw love for creating. It’s definitely a dream of mine to open for them. Also, Zach Williams and I share similar testimonies, and I think our voices would blend together like butter and hot biscuits. SO, CALL ME ZACH. 😉

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