The 4 time Grammy nominated & Soul Train Award Winning producer & Artist; Allen “Bizkit” Arthur was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia,PA. While playing the saxophone in jazz band at The High School for Creative and Performing Arts, he meet Keith “Butta” Justice. The two hit it off musically, and never looked back. Bizkit went straight into the music game, after school. Performing live and working in studio for horn sections such as the “UHornz’ with Rodney Jerkins. From those sessions Bizkit landed his first hit record, by playing sax on “Deja Vu” by Beyonce. Bizkit later, was recruited & toured the world with John Legend for 7 years. While on tour, Legend’s brother, Vaughn Anthony, invited Bizkit to the studio to write with him & Legend. Legend offered Bizkit’s and his crew (Philly Phatboiz) a publishing deal allowing the team to produce their first major placement “I Miss You Now” by Ledisi. Followed by “Tonight” (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend. When L.A. Reid heard the Philly Phatboiz produced song, he knew immediately he had to use it. Reid loved it so much that he placed it 6 times in one movie entitled “Think Like a Man”. The song won the Ashford & Simpson Songwriters, Soul Train award and was Grammy Nominated. After gaining success as a production duo “Butta-N-Bizkit”. Bizkit wanted to go in the studio and attempt to work on his own personal music. Acquired Taste is his first offering to the world.

Vocalstar: Who is Bizkit?

Bizkit: I am an award winning multi-platinum selling producer, saxophonist and artist. I have worked with the likes of John Legend, Miguel and Neyo.

VS: Where are you from? Do you think your upbringing has contributed to your style as an artist?

Bizkit: I hail from the city of Broverly Love, Philadelphia. Philly has definitely contributed to my art. I learn the sax in Philly and you know how big of music city Philly is. Some of favorite all time songs were created by Gamble & Huff and Philadelphia International. So the soul is all up in my vein/s!

VS: Are you more of a rapper or songwriter?

Bizkit: I think of myself as a songwriter. Because I don’t just flow. I produce the record from the beat, to the writing, to the mixing.

VS: Describe the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as an artist?

Bizkit: Getting people to push play is probably the hardest part. But once they do. They fall in love!!

VS: What’s a typical day like for you artistically?

Bizkit: Wake up. Call Butta. Discuss what were are doin for the day. Put one in the air. Head to the studio and get to crackin until its time to go home. Eat somewhere in the middle also.

VS: What inspires you musically?

Bizkit: Living life inspires me musically. Mostly all of my songs are life experience inspired whether it’s something I’ve dealt with or feel like its reality. Women have been the driving force honestly. Hahaha

VS: When do your ideas come to you?

Bizkit: After the chords sit right. Then the bass comes in and the Drums knock right the song is already done. Shazammmm!!

VS: What is your favorite song you have written and why?

Bizkit: Vibe Killer has to be my favorite. It feels like an oxymoron song. The beat is so chill and calm and I come on it so urgent and aggressive. Not calm at all and then the beauty comes in at the end with the Strings and the sax. Such Art!

VS: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Bizkit: John Coltrane is my biggest for saxophonist. Timberland’s drums. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis Chords. Tpain as an artist. Obviously hahaha

VS: Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

Bizkit: Tpain. I feel like we get each and Bruno most definitely.

VS: Where can we expect to see you in 5 years? What are your dreams/ aspirations?

Bizkit: In 5 years I plan To be a world traveler performing my songs and watching the world jam! My mother has bipolar. I would like to start an organization that focuses on the betterment and treatment and to give it notariety!!

VS: What’s your idea of success as an artist? When will you feel like you’ve made it?

Bizkit: Stability. Family is good. I will never feel like I made it. I want to do everything. Music. Film. Comedy. I want to when I’m old be able to watch myself throughout my life and see myself grow from 20-30-50 and imma chill at 60 lord willing.

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